Discovery Learning Center (DLC) provides a range of advisory services to assist students with topics such as goal setting; planning and adjusting to their new home and/or US culture; and academic advising to assist students with their academic progress and achievement.

Advising is an effort on the part of one individual in taking responsibility for the provision of guidance and support to another individual that is lacking in ability and/or experience. The core of the advising program centers around conversation in which advisers serve as a resource of knowledge and a source of direction for students in their development of action plans for academic success and social integration.

To make this partnership a success, students should actively engage in the advising relationship: be open to working with advisers in researching solutions/ways to obtain relevant information; act upon referrals to other sources of information and advice; and let advisers know when information and/or advice was not satisfactory.

The Academic Director tracks student progress in the IEP and helps students who are struggling to make progress and advance through the IEP.  If you have a financial or physical-/mental-health-related issue, contact the Sr. Vice President for Finance and Administration for information about external counselor or medical practitioner.