The pre-arrival orientation is conducted within one week of the acceptance of a new student to the IEP. The particular aim of the pre-arrival orientation is to help newly-admitted, out-of-state students prepare for life in New Jersey. Pre-arrival information is communicated in printed-copy form and is part of a “welcome-kit.”

Initial Orientation

The initial orientation is conducted soon after arrival in New Jersey (for students coming from another state) or one week prior to the course start date (for students already in New Jersey). During the initial orientation, each student is given a Student Handbook, a class schedule, and placement-test results. The student is also provided with an explanation on level placement/advancement, attendance requirements, and important school policies. All of this information is communicated orally as well as in writing so that there is not any misunderstanding with regard to the expectations that both Discovery Learning Center (DLC) and the student need to fulfill to ensure academic achievement and personal satisfaction.

Ongoing Orientation

In addition to pre-arrival and initial orientations, DLC hold an ongoing orientation which is held at the beginning of each school term. As part of the ongoing orientation, the student is provided with information on his/her academic progress as well as any updates in school policies. All of this is done orally as well as in writing (handouts).