Professional English (Non I-20)

Professional English Program (PE)

The purpose of the Professional English Program is to develop students’ advanced, practical English skills in all four language skill areas; reading, writing, listening and speaking. This program also contains work on grammar, business vocabulary and pronunciation. The curriculum is guided by the needs and practices in many different types of real world situations. Each Professional English course is carefully balanced and structured to teach non-native adult speakers and to help students:

  • Gain confidence speaking English
  • Learn and use a range of practical terms and vocabulary
  • Become more fluent to express, discuss, and analyze concepts and ideas in the professional setting
  • Develop reading comprehension of authentic texts
  • Recognize and use a wide range of factual text types

DLC offers courses in the Professional English Program. The total number of clock hours for each course within the program’s offerings is 180 (10 weeks).

PE800A Professional English I
PE800B Professional English II
PE800C Professional English III
PE800D Professional English IV

Course Descriptions

PE800A (Professional English I)

This course is designed for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their written and spoken communication skills in more professional settings. The course focuses on level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar specific to various formal, real-world situations. Students will analyze current issues by reading recent articles from newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, the course provides students with the opportunity to practice basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through authentic communicative activities.

PE800B (Professional English II)

The purpose of this course is to help advanced-level English speakers communicate more effectively with native English speakers in professional contexts. This course focuses on concepts and English skills in the formal setting, providing students with functional English that they can use in real-world situations. The course includes activities that are designed to help students improve specific language skills necessary to be successful in any formal communications. Encompassing the four language skill areas of English (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), this course will ensure that students have the linguistic tools to succeed in an international and professional setting.

PE800C (Professional English III)

The purpose of this course is to help students gain an understanding of critical language skills in the formal setting such as negotiating, dealing with problems, and coping with contemporary cultural issues in the global setting. Using authentic learning materials adapted from news articles or magazines that reflect current issues, this course will help students increase their knowledge of many different contemporary issues while also learning English. Students practice giving formal and informal presentations using both prepared and extemporaneous materials. Presentations and discussions are related to students’ individual areas of interest.

PE800D (Professional English IV)

This course will help students and professionals gain the high-level skills necessary for an awareness of many contemporary issues facing the professional community. The course emphasizes the fundamental competencies of professional communication, focusing particularly on varied forms of written communication. Throughout the course, students will study the rhetorical principles and writing practices necessary for producing effective formal letters, reports, and collaborative projects in various contexts. The course’s assignments and classroom instruction develop the ability of students to produce documents that will be effective.