Placement Test

Before registering for the Intensive English Program, students are asked to answer questions in English and are given an application form to complete. Students unable to answer questions in English (an informal listening/speaking assessment) or to complete the application form in English (an informal reading/writing assessment) are placed at the lowest level of the IEP (IEP100, Low Beginning).

All students take the IEP placement test when they first arrive on campus. The placement test consists of two components:

  1. A written test (Internet-based): listening, reading, language use, and writing
  2. An oral component, with open-ended questions related to level-specific, learning outcomes, which each student is given in order to confirm the ability-level assessment of the written component. (Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, students are not required to take the oral test.)

Students take the written placement test that is comprised of seventy (70) questions on the application of grammar, vocabulary, listening skills and reading comprehension skills. They are also asked to write a placement essay. Then, using the results of the written component for measurement, students are assigned the oral component of the placement test that relates to their ability level. Finally, students are formally placed into a level that is commensurate with their performance on both the written and oral components of the placement test.

The initial placement of each student is further assessed during the first week of class so that the student and his/her teacher can determine if development/growth will be made at the assigned level.